A Sacrifice

There are not many people who can work true magic, and no matter how great their ability, the power cracks these Channels, turns them into broken vessels. Their strength fades quickly, and the life of a Channel is short and painful.

The rest of us, though, are increasingly dependent on this sacrifice. Every year more resources are pulled from the earth, more fallow fields are forced to grow crops, more storms are halted off the coast. This is the work of Channels, and without them, many would starve or be lost to rising tides and consuming fires.

There is no end to need…no end to sacrifice. 

The Game

A Sacrifice is a minimalist dark fantasy TTRPG for two, with world building shared between the players.  At its heart, it is a game about trust and dependency, and can often be won by manipulation.

A warning: This game deals with death, exploitation, and environmental collapse, and it can set the stage for moments of  both vulnerability and violence.


Players should each have a pen and paper, a six-sided die, and a twenty-sided die.

Download A Sacrifice at itch.io.
category: games
year: 2022
House & Helvete