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Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Cecil Fenn–a writer, designer, and digital creative. Also: international trans disaster, local sad boy, and mortuary science primer.

The themes in my work are often dark, but I care about human connection. I often explore anxieties around the body: the strangeness of embodiment, death, physical connection, queerness and gender.

House & Helvete
A horror story set in a record store closed by the influence of a cursed cassette tape. First appeared in The Dread Machine 3.3.
Holy Land
A young embalmer accompanies his photographer roommate to document Holy Land, USA in Waterbury, Connecticut. This short story appears in Scrawl Place & Canthius 12.
A Sacrifice
A minimalist dark fantasy TTRPG about dependence and betrayal.
Swallow your grief, eat a heart. A prose-poem in Fantômes Issue 1.
A one-page zine about black metal, death, and transmasculinity.
The End + The Instant
An ongoing novel-in-flash. Lark has taken and collected instant photographs for years. Solid memory. He’s not sure he wants to remember anymore. Lark remembers anyway.